Psychedelic Mushrooms

Psilocybin Mushrooms

(Magic Mushrooms, Shrooms)

Psilocybin mushrooms are the most popular psychedelic substance in the world. They’ve been used for thousands of years by cultures all around the world, and they are soon going to be accepted by modern society since they are so useful for treating a variety of conditions. You can find over 200 species of these magic mushrooms world-wide. The main compounds in all of them are psilocin and psilocybin; psilocybin turns into psilocin before your body can utilize it.

You can either take psilocybin mushrooms raw or dried. Either way, the best way to take them is orally. If you can, make mushroom tea. It’s much easier on your stomach than eating mushrooms.


Long-term benefits Magic Mushrooms

They are one of the most effective ways to treat depression (after a single session, depression stays below 50% for at least 6 months).
They are being used to cure addictions (3 psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy sessions lower the rates of tobacco addictions by 80%).
It can lower your levels of stress and anxiety, including social anxiety.
It also helps you form positive habits such as meditation and exercise.
increase neuroplasticity.
It makes you more creative and open-minded and helps you look at your life from a different perspective.
Make you more conscious and loving. Can help you overcome your fear of death. Give you insights into the nature of reality. Have helped many people improve their immune systems and cure allergies. Can be used to treat autism. Is an effective treatment for cluster headaches.


Shrooms or ‘magic mushrooms’ grow in the wild. They can be swallowed or made into tea. Smoke The Shrooms ,Pexels , Mix Shroom With Other Foods, Tea or Mix With Juices , Shroom-Infused Chocolates and Other Sweets

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