Golden Teachers Mushroom


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Classification: Hallucinogenic
Cultivation Difficulty: Easy
Substrates: Equine dung and Enriched soils
Temperature: Subtropical
Strain Origin: Unknown

Origin Of Golden Teachers Mushroom 

Golden Teachers Mushroom For Sale strain has been in circulation for quite a few years now and we’ve always been pleased with it’s performance on cased grain and riceflour cakes. Even under less than optimal conditions, this strain is able to produce an abundance of medium to large-sized mushrooms.

Although it is not as fast fruiting as the more slender stemmed Equador and Cambodia strain the size of the fruitbodies more than makes up for this. Fruitbodies in later flushes can get massive in size.

The name ‘Golden Teacher’ refers to the golden color of the caps and stems and the way it teaches people about spore microscopy. Get the best Golden Teachers Mushroom For Sale from us at affordable prices


  •  1-2.5g includes increased intensity of emotional experiences, increased introspection and altered psychological functioning in the form of “hypnagogic experiences.
  • Perceptual changes such as illusions, synaesthesia (mixing sensory modalities.
  • You may experiences changes in your visual perception. such as halos around lights and objects and geometric patterns, when your eyes are closed.
  • Your thoughts and emotions will also start to change.
  • Strong emotions are often experienced, good and bad. It’s recommended that you don’t resist these emotions in either direction, but rather let them work their own course. Many who do report strong negative emotions also report a simultaneous sense of calm acceptance and detachment from them, especially if they remind themselves that the emotions are temporary.

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