Ibogaine HCL / Iboga (ibogaine) Ibogane


Our Ibogaine HCL for sale is a concentration of the ibogaine alkaloid found in iboga root bark, It is composed of 95% ibogaine purity. Ibogaine is the most researched compound found in iboga root barks. And it is popular for its therapeutic effect on the body. Ibogaine can also be gotten from the Vocanga plant but our ibogaine for sale is from the tabernanthe iboga root bark. Ibogaine can appear as a cream powder.



Ibogaine HCL doses of about 15-20 mg/kg (so as high as 1400 mg for a 150 lb individual) are typical for addiction treatment. Many ibogaine treatment centers have had excellent results using ibogaine HCL, especially with strong opiate addiction as it can eliminate withdrawal. Pure ibogaine HCL can simply be ingested through the mouth, or encapsulated to prevent the sharp bitter taste of the ibogaine. Our ibogaine for sale has been extracted to compose 95% pure ibogaine this makes it controllable both clinically and individually as it does not contain the other varied unresearched compounds found in iboga root barks and iboga TA.

Our Ibogaine for sale passes through your system more quickly, in about 14-24 hours, leaving less of an “afterglow” than Iboga. This also means that it has a shorter recovery period, which is more in line with what some individuals need. Our Pure ibogaine for sale tends to lead to more hyperactivity afterward, whereas our iboga for sale results in a more balanced state. Ibogaine is one of eleven active compounds or more compounds found in the various iboga species.

Some compounds like tabernanthine have still been researched is showing that it has similar active properties to ibogaine, but others are still being studied. The advantage with pure ibogaine is you know exactly what you’re getting every time. Our bodies also metabolize ibogaine into noribogaine, a metabolite produced in the liver, which is responsible for some therapeutic effects of ibogaine. This makes our ibogaine for sale the most effective drug in treating opiate addiction, cocaine addiction, cigarette addiction, alcohol addiction, etc.

On the other hand, the true therapeutic value of iboga root bark could come from another chemical, or even interactions between multiple chemicals, which is the case for ayahuasca.

The traditional benefits of iboga may be lost along with the hundreds or thousands of additional compounds you may be missing out on. One Bwiti shaman who personally tested our ibogaine for sale expresses that though the refined ibogaine may have medical benefits, it is lacking the iboga plant spirit that is responsible for the deeper spiritual healing work.

He stressed that it is important to understand the traditional ways of working with this plant spirit to access the full potential of the medicine.

This may be an important point to consider for those who value indigenous ways of knowing and healing. Some people have found value in an initial detox with ibogaine followed later by experiences with the Iboga total alkaloid extracts in traditional Bwiti ceremonies.

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